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WGTV SLOT Installation completed

On Tuesday 12th, January 2021, the WGTV SLOT installation was completed on time. The project required the removal of an old VHF antenna first. Then the new Jampro Antenna, which is a Circularly Polarized VHF SLOT, was performed by an engineering team. Here you can watch the highlights, which run for only 2.47 mins.

Jampro’s radome-enclosed antenna design was explicitly for WGTV (Georgia Public Broadcasting). It remains located on Stone Mountain. This TV station serves the Atlanta market area.

Furthermore, the old antenna’s removal and the new antenna’s installation took about 1 hour and 45 mins. Moreover, a large Sikorsky Sky Crane helicopter carried out the heavy lifting work required very quickly.

WGTV SLOT Installation completed on time!

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