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VHF TV Broadcast Antennas (CH2-6)

Jampro Antennas offers complete VHF TV Broadcast Antennas. We can also provide system design, integration, installation, and extensive testing on our coverage range. Additionally, we provide commissioning, training, and ongoing broadcast maintenance services.

Furthermore, Jampro antenna systems come with all the parts needed. No messing about with missing parts! Our range of antenna products is also available for the Low and Mid-Band. Additionally, channels include 2 through 6 and the high VHF channels 7-13. Moreover, we manufacture horizontal and circularly polarized options, which are available as standard.

VHF TV Broadcast Antennas that Work!

Furthermore, various antenna designs can adjust to provide your required radiation patterns. Also, our simpler designs will adapt to meet the gain and power levels you need! Above all, the antennas’ rugged design and mechanical/electrical construction provide a long, worry-free working life.

Top Mount FM Antennas

The VHF Lambda Top Mounted, Circularly Polarized antenna supports Band I and III (channels 2-6 & 7-13). Furthermore, this omnidirectional antenna will deliver 100kW per plane via the copper feed lines and elements. Factory tuning is also a standard feature .

Batwing Top Mount FM Antennas
VHF TV Batwing

The JAT VHF Batwing TV antenna supports Bands I & III (Ch 2-6 & 7-13). Designed for extended life, it utilizes Beryllium Copper and soldered brass terminals that will not corrode. Furthermore, the hot-dip galvanization protects the array in any harsh weather conditions.

JHD-LV2 VHF TV Broadcast Antennas

The JHD-LV2 provides a half-wave spaced dual HPOL panel antenna. Galvanized steel construction assures longevity and outstanding performance. It also offers excellent bandwidth, with a VSWR of <1.05:1 on the carrier and <1.1:1 across the channel.

JAHD VHF TV Broadcast Antennas

The JAHD supports Bands I, II, and III. The Broadband design supports 10 kW per panel—furthermore, the excellent Axial Ratio and Linearity support HD Radio™. A durable and rugged structure utilizes Marine Brass, Stainless Steel, and Hot-Dipped Galvanised steel to provide an incredible lifetime.

JCPD VHF TV Broadcast Antennas

The JCPD CPOL, 4-Dipole, Flat Panel Antenna supports bands I, II, and III. This Broadband antenna can be omnidirectional or have a directional configuration with a 1.1:1 or better VSWR. Marine Brass, Stainless Steel, and Hot-Dip Galvanized steel assure an extended life.

JADP FM Panel Antenna

The JADP Circular Polarization, Cavity Backed, Broadband, Broadcast Antenna supports bands I, II, & III. With an excellent Axial Ratio (better than 1.0dB) and HD Radio support, Low, Medium, and High Combining are available. Also, the VSWR is 1.1:1 across 20% of the band.

JSWB FM Broadcast Antenna

The JSWB side-mounted, circular polarized, FM Broadcast Antenna will be HD Radio™ ready! It has a power rating of 10-100 kW. We also factory-tune our antennas.  Furthermore, the hot-dipped galvanized array with silver-plated inner conductors assures longevity even in the harshest of conditions.

JTC SPIRAL is a CPOL Antenna

The JTC SPIRAL CPOL Antenna supports FM/VHF & UHF. It covers channels 2-70. The design is ideal for reduced radiation at steep depression angles. Also, an excellent 2dB or better Axial Ratio is available. Furthermore, a 2x to 15x gain is available depending on the frequency. The low VSWR and wind load make it very flexible.

VHF TV Broadcast Antennas (CH2-6) – Call us Now!

Various antenna designs can adjust to provide your required radiation patterns.  Moreover, we can also modify our simpler designs to meet power and gain levels. Also, the antennas’ rugged design and mechanical/electrical construction deliver a long and worry-free working life.

VHF TV Broadcast Antennas with Longevity

Additionally, carefully chosen materials have resulted in heavy-duty galvanized stainless steel radiating elements. Also, Copper and Brass feeder materials ensure an extended life cycle. Furthermore, Radome protection of the feed points also eliminates the need for expensive electrical de-icing.

Finally, please call Jampro for details and pricing. Alternatively, outside regular office hours or on public holidays, please go to our Contact us page and leave a message. We will be back to you as soon as possible to discuss your requirements.