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VHF CPol Top Mount Antenna

Jampro Antennas is today carrying out the testing phase of this high powered Lambda antenna. This VHF CPol Top Mount Antenna will ship to a customer in Texas following the successful testing phase. A large truck will transport the antenna. Please take a look at the video below to see it in action.

This antenna required a crane to erect it at the Jampro test facility as it weighs 10,500 Pounds. That’s approximately 4762 Kgs as a metric measurement. It also supports very high power levels and with its 8 bays or elements delivers a high gain. The omnidirectional Circularly Polarized coverage pattern also ensures optimized coverage.

Jampro manufactures these and indeed many types of antennas globally. They ship from both Sacramento California and from our sister company AlanDick Broadcast in Cheltenham Gloucestershire UK.

We also supply all the Combiners and Filters required for such an installation. Take a look at our website for more detailed information.

VHF CPol Top Mount Antenna

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