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Vertical Dipole FM Broadcast Antenna

Vertical Dipole FM Broadcast Antenna

The Jampro JBVP Vertical Dipole FM Broadcast Antenna provides a balun-fed vertical dipole. Additionally, it includes a power divider and heliax coaxial feed lines. Moreover, the antenna design includes stainless steel with a brass inner conductor.

All galvanized hardware brackets provide many years of dependable service. Also, all the antennas ship fully assembled and factory-tuned on the Jampro Test Range in Sacramento, CA.

Furthermore, testing an electrically similar tower structure ensures the correct impedance match and a low VSWR. Besides the antenna features, an asymmetrical bandpass filter is ideal for HD Radio™ and analog broadcasting.

Features of Vertical Dipole FM Broadcast Antenna

  • Vertical or elliptical polarization.
  • VSWR:  1.25:1 over 6 MHz.
  • Broadband response.
  • Excellent duplexing capabilities.
  • Medium power handling.
  • Also, it includes beam tilt and null fill facilities.
  • Custom directional patterns available.
  • Reduced element spacing for minimizing RF levels.

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