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UHF TV Slot Antennas CH 14-69

Jampro offers a complete range of UHF TV Slot Antennas Channels 14 – 69 with multiple power capabilities. These range from 500 watts up to 180 kW+. Moreover, Jampro’s JA/MS-BB antennas are part of the legendary Prostar™ product range. Above all, these antennas offer an economical alternative to buying, installing, and maintaining multiple antennas.

JA-SS UHF Slot Antenna

The JA/SS is a UHF TV Slot Antenna for either a single frequency or Broadband for channels 14 to 69.  Also, Five standard Azimuth patterns are available in an Elliptical or Circular polarization. Moreover, radomes provide a low wind loading.

JSM-H UHF Slot Antennas

The JSM-JSH SLOT broadband antenna typically has 18-20 MHz bandwidth. Circular, Elliptical, or Horizontal polarization provides a flexible solution.  The partial radome provides low wind loading and is ideal for harsh environments.


The JA-MS-BB Slot is a premium broadband antenna available in HPOL, EPOL & CPOL with up to 32 bays. They also deliver five standard Azimuth patterns, and the construction includes Brass, Copper, and Virgin Teflon to assure its lifetime.

JAT-U Super Turnstile

The JAT-U Super Turnstile, HPOL tuning is for band IV/V. Rated at 2kW – 20kW depending on the number of bays. VSWR is 1.1:1 or better. Available with 2, 4, 8, or 16 bays with 5, 8, 11, or 14 dB gain, respectively. It also supports a maximum wind speed of 147 mph.

UHF Slot Antennas Channels 14 – 69
UHF Cardioid

The 2 x Lambda UHF Cardioid is a VPOL Antenna. Furthermore, it provides a wide cardioid horizontal radiation pattern in the 470 – 800 MHz range for DVB-T2 or analog channels. Options also include 4, 8, or 16 Lambda antennas with a gains up to  13.91 dB.

Conserve Tower Space

A single, compact solution will conserve your tower space and minimize the wind load. Furthermore, the Broadband UHF TV Slot antenna provides exceptional bandwidth. Moreover, power handling and stable pattern performance gain only 20% of the weight/wind loading with a comparable UHF panel array.

Expertise with UHF TV Slot Antennas Channels 14 – 69

Having manufactured Slot Antennas for over 35 years, Jampro provides extensive system design and field testing. We can also include installation, commissioning & training.  Furthermore, broadcast maintenance services and background support will always be available. We also provide an exhaustive range of TV antennas for UHF bands IV/V. Moreover, products include both DMB and ATSC 3.0 modulation arrays.