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UHF Super Turnstile Antenna

UHF Super Turnstile Antenna

The JAT-U, a horizontally polarized UHF super turnstile antenna, has many outstanding features. Additionally, these antennas provide great value for today’s broadcasters. The radome enclosed antenna assures many years of continuous service. The JAT-U can be either top or side-mounted on a tower.

Furthermore, the JAT-U provides minimum wind loading while also providing a broadband response. It is also ideal for single-channel or multi-channel use via a combiner.

UHF Super turnstile Antenna Features include:

  • Band IV/V 470 MHz – 860 MHz.
  • Horizontal Polarization.
  • Power and dB gains are typical for horizontal components.
  • Enclosed in a Radome as standard
  • Factory assembled and tested.
  • Top or side mounting also available.
  • High power ratings also available.
  • Power Gain is based on a half-wave dipole in free space.
  • All inputs are EIA flange, female (Others on request).
  • Weights and wind loads shown include standard top mounting.
  • Power derating will occur above 2,000 feet elevation. (Contact factory +2k Feet)
  • Special mounting brackets are available.
  • Pedestals also available as an option. Contact factory for details.
  • Special Radome design’s available for extreme conditions.

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