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TV Broadcast Antennas

Jampro has manufactured TV Broadcast Antennas for more than 50 years. We provide a range of the latest technology, including:

As an example, the JA-MS-BB Prostar UHF TV Broadcast SLOT Antenna has a broadband configuration. It combines both Analog and Digital requirements. This product also removes the need for multiple antennas. Above all, the need for tower space lowers significantly. Wind Loading and, of course, the Financial Budget will reduce substantially.

TV Broadcast Antennas

Customization of TV Broadcast Antennas

Jampro has a team of specialists ready to help you. They will carefully guide you through specifying your antenna system(s). Moreover, they can also provide a coverage map showing the signal contours for one or more transmitter sites. Above all, we also have unique facilities for testing and tuning antennas on our unique Test Range. You will have complete peace of mind knowing that your antenna will be plug and play.

Installation Environments

Jampro has more than 35,000+ antenna installations globally. However, local weather varies between extreme heat and cold. We manufacture TV Broadcast Antennas with various materials to ensure their longevity in the most hostile environments. This includes hot-dip Galvanized Steel, high-quality Marine Brass, Copper, and Virgin Teflon for insulation and isolators. We do NOT use dissimilar metals, so they do NOT interact and allow critical connections to corrode. We take extreme care in this area!

For colder climates, we can add deicer kits to the system. We also offer options on radomes to protect against the elements. More importantly, the feeder cables will require a dehydrator to ensure the feeder remains dry internally.

Above all, we must consider the worst-case scenario regarding the wind speed that any tower and antennas must withstand. All antennas have a windage calculation. We must have accurate information regarding future weather predictions, with global warming expectations considered. Moreover, the Effective Projected Area or “EPA” calculation means multiplying the Drag Coefficient with the Projected Surface Area. Please share this information when speaking to our sales team or engineers. We can help with the calculations. It will ensure the antenna system’s long-term reliability in any hostile environment.

Feeder Cable and Connectors for TV Broadcast Antennas

Jampro supplies transmission lines or feeder cable, both Rigid and Flexible.  We include all connectors and a complete kit of accessories needed for the installation. Please also review our transmission line page and download the catalog. Here you will find both Rigid and Flexible transmission lines plus all the various components you will require. Finally, please call us if you need assistance with your coverage patterns or antenna specifications. The Jampro Team is here to help!

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