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Top Mount FM Antennas

Jampro offers the following range of Top Mount FM Antennas. They cover bands I and III (channels 2-6, 7-13. Also, the JTC Spiral covers channels 2-70. Depending on your requirements, we can assist you in designing your antenna system.  Feel free to call us for assistance.

Top Mount FM Antennas
Lambda CPOL

A Top Mounted, Circularly Polarized, VHF Lambda antenna supports Band I/III (channels 2-6 & 7-13).  Moreover, this omnidirectional will deliver up to 100kW per plane via the grounded copper feed lines and elements. The hot-dipped Galvanization ensures longevity.

Batwing Top Mount FM Antennas
JAT Batwing

The JAT VHF Batwing TV antenna supports Bands I & III (Channels 2-6 & 7-13). Designed for extended life with Beryllium Copper and soldered brass terminals with Hot-dip galvanization during assembly. Beam Tilt and Null Fill facilities are also available.

JTC SPIRAL is a CPOL Antenna
JTC Spiral

The JTC Spiral Circular Polarized VHF/UHF antenna supports Channels 2-70. It has low radiation at a steep depression angle. It also features a constant axial ratio of just 2dB. Null Fill is also available. We have utilized quality stainless steel radiators and Teflon insulators.

For further information and assistance on FM Top Mount Antennas, please call the Jampro Sales Team. Alternatively, outside of regular hours or during public holidays, please go to our Contact us page and leave a message. We will be back in touch as soon as possible.