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Low Power Side-Mount Antennas

Jampro’s FM Low Power Side-Mount Antennas (branded the Penetrator), has a proven track record. It has become the industry standard for both quality and performance.

Low Power Side Mount Antennas

Moreover, the antenna’s construction uses the highest quality marine brass and copper.  A hot-dipped galvanized steel mounting bracket provides the utmost grounding support for each bay.  Silver-plated inner conductor connectors provide for the maximum contact life and minimum power loss. Single-frequency tuning on all low power Jampro antennas is standard. A full-sized array on a tower or pole similar to the stations will be utilized.

Outstanding Performance for HD Radio, Stereo, and SCA Operation can be expected. You can expect excellent VSWR and Bandwidth at 1.1:1 +/- 150 kHz.

Reliable Low Power Side-Mount Antennas

Finally, the factory-installed electrical deicers and/or Radomes are available. They will assure long, trouble-free service even under the harshest of weather conditions. Please make the Jampro sales team aware of the installation location and the likely worst-case weather that can be expected.

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