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Jampro delivers VHF SLOT to WACS Georgia.

Jampro delivers VHF SLOT to WACS Georgia.

Jampro delivers a VHF SLOT to WACS Georgia, which is configured as a circular polarization top-mount antenna.

WACS-TV is part of Georgia Public Broadcasting’s nine public television stations. WACS TV broadcasts both PBS and locally produced programs. It is also one of GPB’s more powerful stations. It provides Grade B coverage to most of Georgia’s southwestern quadrant.

This VHF Band III (174-230 MHz) SLOT antenna provides an excellent VSWR with Horizontal, Elliptical, or Circular polarization options.

Jampro can provide standard azimuth or custom coverage patterns as required. A partial radome option provides a low wind loading. However, a full radome is also available. These antennas are ideal for both digital and analog broadcasting.

Jampro delivers VHF SLOT to WACS Georgia, supporting one of GPB’s high power stations.

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