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Global Customer Support

Global Customer Support – Here at Jampro Antennas/AlanDick Broadcast, we want to remind broadcasters worldwide of our 68-year uninterrupted service. We also remain fully committed to the broadcast community.

We provide products and services worldwide with a joint installation base of over 65,000 broadcast installations.

Additionally, as part of our global customer support, we can and have provided replacement parts and services. These are for our products and systems produced by others where they no longer exist or cannot deliver parts by a given deadline.

Global Customer Support

Moreover, with the ever-evolving changes in the marketplace and suppliers servicing the industry, we remain steadfast and committed.

Being the only manufacturer of broadcast systems, we supply antennas, combiners, filters, transmission lines, and towers. We can also assist the broadcast community globally with a local/regional presence. We welcome the opportunity to help you in any manner with MORE than JUST an antenna!