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FM Yagi Antenna (CPOL/EPOL)

The Jampro J3YF FM Yagi antenna has a low VSWR (< 1.2:1), which means it has an excellent impedance match for improved signal strength and quality. Also, Jampro's J3YF has a maximum power rating of 3.56 kW. (Single carrier). It comes with a 7/8" EIA flanged connector.

Moreover, it operates using circular or elliptical polarization. This helps to reduce multipath interference in densely populated urban areas, where scattering is a common problem. The Jampro J3YF antenna offers exceptional coverage. It consists of three horizontally mounted elements and a high-grade aluminum boom.

J3YF CPol Yagi Antenna
FM Yagi Antenna (Circular Polarization)

The antenna’s design also provides a directional coverage pattern. Furthermore, the signal reception will remain stable and not sacrifice the audio quality.

FM Yagi Antenna Weight & Dimensions

The Jampro J3YF antenna has a physical dimension of 50‐1/16″ and a net weight of approximately 53 lbs (24 kg). However, its outstanding signal performance makes it a must-have broadcasting tool for anyone looking to set up FM broadcasting. The Jampro J3YF offers a reliable and durable solution for FM broadcast operators looking to improve their coverage.

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