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FM Panel Antenna Systems

Jampro’s FM Panel Antenna systems are available for a range of applications. Moreover, we have six antenna types available to provide you with a comprehensive range of coverage options. The Jampro range of broadcast antennas also allows the design and optimization of the coverage area. Our engineers also aim to fulfil all your specific requirements. Moreover, we manufacture screen and Dipole assemblies from hot-dipped galvanized and stainless steel. In addition, this process guarantees trouble-free service under even the harshest weather conditions.

JFHD Antenna

Jampro’s JFHD system provides a Flat Horizontal FM Panel Antenna. Each contains dual dipoles with a high gain and low downward radiation. A single panel delivers 8dB of gain. Additionally, omnidirectional or custom patterns are available. Hot-dipped galvanized steel assures longevity.

JAHD FM Panel Antenna
The JAHD Arrowhead Dipole Panel Antenna is ideal for TV Stations. It supports Bands I, II (FM), and III (VHF) and has excellent control over axial ratio. This panel antenna has a rating of 10kW. Its design is for side mounting. Various azimuth and elevation patterns are available.
JCPD FM Panel Antenna
The JCPD is a CPOL, 4-dipole, Flat Panel antenna. It supports Band II and is Broadband. We can provide omnidirectional and directional patterns. A VSWR of 1.1:1 or better is typical. Components design includes stainless steel, marine brass, & hot-dipped galvanized steel.
JADP FM Panel Antenna

The JAPD Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna has a wide band element to excite a cavity resonator. Additionally, the superior design provides maximum beam control. Supports VHF bands I, II, and III. Made of marine brass, stainless steel & copper, it gives a low VSWR and a uniform pattern.

JFVD FM Panel Antenna

The Jampro JFVD is a Dual Vertical Dipole Panel Antenna. Each panel also consists of balun-fed dual dipoles featuring high gain and low downward radiation. Furthermore, it has a lightweight design, rugged galvanized steel, non-corrosive stainless steel, and copper construction.

JFVX Antenna

The Jampro JFVX is a High Gain Vertical Dipole Antenna offering a Broadband Solution. Besides, each element consists of a balun-fed dipole. It also features a high gain and low downward radiation pattern. Also, the JFVX antenna has an excellent proven bandwidth, and pattern stability, with a high gain.

Antenna Design Experts on Hand

Jampro’s experts are also available to customize your antenna designs.  Additionally, power and phase differences between each face can deliver multiple directional patterns.  The products are ideal for multi-channel operation between 87.5 – 108 MHz in the FM band.  Furthermore, a VSWR figure of 1.1:1 will ensure that efficiency is pre-built into the design.

FM Panel Antennas that Stand the Test of Time!

The aerodynamics of any panel is also critical.  Windage reduction occurs using round cross-section members of the galvanized screen and dipole assembly.

Finally, GRP covers will protect the antenna from the weather.  These also leave the electrical elements not requiring deicing.  Above all, these results increase overall reliability and also reduce operating costs.  Moreover, the pressurized feed systems and avoidance of dissimilar metal junctions allow FM arrays to provide an integrated design.

Transmission Line and Components

Jampro Antennas can also supply your transmission lines and the relevant components to complete your package.  Please also review our transmission line page and catalog download.  Here you can check all the rigid transmission lines and required product components.  If you need assistance, the Jampro sales team is on hand to assist you.