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FM Broadcast Broadband Antenna

JSWB FM Broadcast Antenna
FM Broadcast Broadband Antenna

We wish to Introduce the Jampro JSWB FM Broadcast Broadband Antenna. The design suits multiple frequency broadcast applications that require moderate to high power capability. The antenna elements use high-strength thick wall brass and copper.

Capable of handling 10kW – 100 kW, the JSWB is one of the highest power Broadband side mount FM antennas available. This option is for a single frequency.

Circularly polarized antennas simultaneously suit HD radio digital broadcasting with an analog signal. Besides, the JSWB includes a hot-dipped, galvanized steel mounting bracket for good grounding. Also, orders will consist of standard round leg mounting brackets.

Also, silver-plated inner conductor connectors will provide maximum contact life. They also minimize the power loss, Available with fractional wavelength spaced bays for downward radiation control when needed.

Features for Side Mount Broadband FM Broadcast Antenna
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  • Internal Feed System.
  • Ideal for Multiple Frequency Applications.
  • Excellent Azimuth Patterns.
  • Outstanding VSWR performance.
  • 87.5-108 MHz Frequency Range.
  • High Power Handling.
  • Full-sized & Factory tuned.
  • Also, optional Deicers.
  • Circularity is ±1.0 dB, Free Space.

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