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FM Broadband Broadcast Antenna

The manufacture of these FM Broadband Broadcast Antenna dipoles includes stainless steel. Furthermore, the silver-plated inner conductor ensures maximum contact life with minimum power loss, increasing the antenna’s life.

Introducing the Jampro JCPB FM “Broadband” Broadcast Antenna is the industry standard for quality and performance. Designed for broadband and multifrequency operation, the Penetrator is side mountable on broadcast towers.

FM Broadband Broadcast Antenna

In addition, each bay or tier consists of the Penetrator radiating element supported by a galvanized steel mounting bracket. Also, the antenna includes standard round leg mounting brackets for a uniform-faced tower.

Features of the FM Broadband Broadcast Antenna

Excellent for multifrequency broadband applications and includes:

  • 54 – 88 MHz (Band I)
  • 87.5-108 MHz – (Band II)
  • 174-230 MHz. – (Band III)

  • Dipole Power rating
    • 500W (JCPB-L)
    • 2.5kW (JCPB-M)
    • 5kW (JCPB-H)
  • Ideal for broadband & multifrequency applications.
  • Excellent VSWR & Bandwidth without field tuning.
  • Circularly Polarized.
  • DC grounded at each bay & Balun.
  • Radomes are also available on request.

Furthermore, the shown power and dB gains are typically RMS figures for the horizontal and vertical components. Outside the USA, please expect Peak gain figures. Please ensure you take these differences into account.

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