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DVB-T2 Nationwide Coverage Project in Thailand Awarded to Jampro

DVB-T2 Broadband Terrestrial Nationwide Network in Thailand.

Thailand awards a DVB-T2 expansion contract for a Broadband Terrestrial Nationwide Network to Jampro.  Adding the DVB-T2 combiner/mask filters to the existing nationwide network, Jampro delivered and installed in 2017.
Furthermore, to the additional RCEC Constant Impedance Mask Filter/Combiner modules, Jampro is retuning many field tunable modules. This allows new channel assignments for the spectrum clearance project in Thailand.

DVB-T2 Broadband Terrestrial Nationwide Network in Thailand.

The Jampro RCEC DVB-T modules design also allows field tuning over the UHF bands. Moreover, this flexibility is essential in the ever-evolving terrestrial transmission networks. 

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