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DAB Mask Filter Combiners

VHF Band III DAB Mask Filters
RCEC-216-DAB Mask Filter
DAB Mask Combiner
DAB Mask Filter Combiner

JAMPRO’s RCEC-216-DAB is a VHF Band III DAB mask filter designed to improve signal quality for low and medium-power broadcasts. These filters ensure exceptional signal transmission by minimizing insertion loss and maintaining consistent performance over various temperatures. They are suitable for broadcast applications with up to 5 kW.

Upgrade to Jampro’s high-power DAB transmitters with the RCCC-391-DABM mask filter combiner. This meticulously engineered unit offers exceptional signal clarity and unwavering stability. Its 6-section design minimizes signal loss, and Invar tuning rods ensure consistent performance in varying temperatures and handle up to 6 kW of power.