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Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna

JAPD Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna

The Jampro JADP Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna utilizes a wide-band element to excite a cavity resonator. This feature provides maximum beam control. As a result, the antenna is far superior to standard flat panel designs. Moreover, this antenna has low VSWR, uniform pattern, and axial ratio across a wide band of frequencies.

Moreover, the feed system includes dry air pressurized power dividers, feed baluns, and flexible copper coax cables. The balun and dipole feed enclose into a radome to withstand the world’s harshest weather environments.

Features of Cavity Backed Broadband Antenna

  • Excellent for multi or single-station use.
  • VHF Bands I, II, III (FM) 87.5-108 MHz.
  • Rugged mechanical construction.
  • Both single and dual feed systems are available.
  • Excellent axial ratio control design.
  • The antenna includes marine brass, stainless steel & copper for long life.
  • HD Radio compatible.
  • It also provides an Omni-Directional pattern.
  • A dual-input HD field upgrade is available.
  • HD ready for low level, high level, or mid-level combining.

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