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Broadcast Hybrid Power Solution

The Jampro Solar Broadcast Hybrid Power Solution design includes a high-efficiency switch‐mode rectifier module. Also, an intelligent controller provides system efficiency.

The configuration includes a DC‐distribution system. Additionally, surge protection of the incoming AC supply is a standard feature. An additional solar core is also available for more extensive system requirements.

Hybrid Power Controller

Broadcast Hybrid Power Solution Key Features:

  • Power Core delivers up to 12kW.
  • Supports up to 24 x 500W Transmitter sites.
  • The battery System also delivers up to 400Ah.
  • Optional Generator System provides 15KVA.
  • Provides 3 key configurations.
  • It also includes an Energy Management System.
  • Easily customizable & configurable solution.
  • Wide input voltage range supported.
  • It also supports Remote and Local monitoring.
  • Compact design.
  • Modular and very scalable solution.
  • Front access for ease of installation.
  • Finally, Highly Efficient & Reliable.