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Band 4-5 Filters Combiners

Jampro has an extensive range of affordable Band IV/V Filters & Combiners available.  All have been designed to fit into locations with limited floor space. 

250W UHF Mask Filter

Jampro Antennas offers a superior but affordable RCEC-T6-UM 2”/50.8mm UHF Mask Filter, rated 250W. It supports ATSC, DVB-T, and ISDB-T. The High-Q cavities provide a steep rejection curve, low injection loss, and VSWR in a compact module.

500W UHF Mask Filter

The JAMPRO RCEC-#F6-UM 4”/101.6mm UHF 500W Mask Filter provides superior mask filter performance at an affordable price. Cross-coupling creates steep rejection skirts, and the high-Q cavities provide a low passband insertion loss & VSWR.

5kW UHF Mask Filter

The RCEC-#86-UMH UHF Mask Filter with heat sinks rated 5kW. Excellent mask filter performance is available at an affordable price. Cross-coupling creates steep rejection skirts. The high-Q cavities deliver low passband insertion loss.

RCCC 2T1 1UM UHF Mask Combiner

This 500W mask filter and constant impedance combiner module support DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, and DTV. It provides excellent results for bandpass and channel combining and mask filtering. Electrical and mechanical testing ensures adherence to Jampro’s quality standards.


Jampro’s 1kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner (0.5kW Avg or 1 kW Peak) provides a Constant Impedance. Designed for DVBT/T2, ISDBT DTV Mask Filter/Combining. It offers outstanding performance in a compact design. Mechanical and performance tested as standard.

RCCC-3F1-AUM Mask Filter Combiner

The Jampro RCCC-3F1-AUM UHF Constant Impedance DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, DTV integrated Mask-Filter Combiner module provides excellent performance. It supports the 470-860 MHz UHF band with a 1.0kW average per channel. The rugged design and Quality provide years of reliability.


Jampro’s 5kW per channel, constant-impedance, UHF Mask Filter Combiner supports DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T at a 470-860 MHz UHF frequency range. It offers outstanding performance in a compact design and provides excellent results. The rugged, quality design assures reliability.


The RCCC-681-AUMH is a 10kW per Channel UHF (470-860 MHz) Constant Impedance Mask Filter Combiner that supports DVB-T/T2 ISDB-T and DTV. The compact design provides excellent performance. We can support higher power levels with cooling. 


The Waveguide Filter Combiner provides the high isolation needed for adjacent channel combining applications.  The RWCE series of combiners consists of two RWBE filters placed between two RWHE 3-dB hybrids. The out-of-band absorption load reduces reflections.

20kw uhf mask filter combiner

This 20kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner employs low-loss cylindrical waveguide bandpass filters and broadband Coaxial 3-dB couplers. Each RCCW-6E1-AUM unit is electrically, and mechanically performance tested to ensure strict adherence to Jampro’s superior level of quality.

RCHC-UHF Hybrid Coupler

The RCHC UHF Hybrid Combiner includes a 3 dB coupler. The manufacturing utilizes high-strength, non-ferrous materials. It requires no external cooling when used within its power rating. This family of hybrid combiners is ideal for two or more UHF Band IV transmitters.