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5 Output Power Divider

The Jampro Antennas RCTQ-2154-UHF is a 1 5/8” EIA – 7/8” EIA is a 5 Output Power Divider. Manufacturing utilizes the highest quality components with corrosion-resistant materials. The design provides many years of reliable and trouble-free operation. The RCTQ-2154-UHF product design also allows pressurization with dry air to prevent condensation from degrading the electrical performance.

Jampro can also supply a dehydrator and pressurize Rigid Transmission lines and coaxial feeders. Also, connector components, plus all the accessories required for a successful installation. Please ask the Jampro Sales Team for your full transmitter output to the antenna proposal. Please also review our full range of Combiners and Filters. We can assist in cases where two or more frequencies will merge into a single broadband antenna array.

A Premier Quality 5 Output Power Divider

5 Output Power Divider Splitter

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