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20 KW FM Bandpass Filter

FM Bandpass Filter

The JAMPRO 20 KW FM Bandpass Filter (RCBC-X2X-FM) provides an Iris Coupled Combline design with superior performance. This system is for medium/high-power transmitter systems and is available in a modular configuration. In addition, filter designs will include 2, 3, 4, or 5 sections. Assembly and testing will occur at the factory, and shipping will be from stock.

Most importantly, this product can achieve almost any rejection value due to the number of sections and coupling iris dimensions. 18” high-Q aluminum cavities will minimize pass-band insertion loss. Temperature stability also remains maintained using invar tuning rods on copper center conductors.

We also supply unflanged 1-5/8” and 3-1/8” connectors as a default. Flanged connectors are also available on request. This design allows input power levels of up to 20 KW, with heat sinks as standard.

Specification: 20 KW FM Bandpass Filter (RCBC-X2X)

  • Type 2, 3, 4 Section.
  • Frequency 87.5 to 108 MHz.
  • Power 15 KW (20 KW with heat sinks).
  • VSWR 1.08:1 Max  ± 150 kHz.
  • Insertion Loss 0.45 dB Max ± 200 kHz 0.30 dB Typical.

20kW FM Bandpass Filter Rejection:

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