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10kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner

10kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner

Jampro RF System’s 10kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner supports DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T, and DTV Mask-Filter/Combiner module. It also provides outstanding performance in a compact design.

The RCCC-681-AUMH combiner module and filter provide excellent results in the bandpass and channel combining application and mask filtering. Electrical and mechanical performance testing also ensures strict adherence to Jampro’s superior level of quality. Moreover, the compact design ensures that you can install the combiner in small places.

  • UHF 470-860 MHz.
  • Supports an average of 10 kW / Channel
  • Higher powers are available with cooling
  • Rugged High-Quality Design
  • Constant Impedance (Balance Type)
  • Integrated DTV Mask Filtering

Outstanding Performance from the 10kW UHF Mask Filter Combiner

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RCCC-681-AUMH Literature